The Short Life of Harry Klionsky

Harry Klionsky was born September 2nd 1899 in New York, New York to his parents Barnett Klionsky and Bessie Cohen. Harry had one older brother, Samuel (1897-1962) and three younger sisters, Beatrice (1903-1996), Libby (1906-2001), and Minnie (1911-1998). 

Harry Klionksy can first be found in the 1915 New York State Census where him and his family where living on Rutgers Street in New York. Harry’s father Barnett was working as a shoe dealer and his older brother was working as a salesman. Harry and his younger siblings were too young to work at this time and were attending school. 

1915 New York State Census

Three years after this census was taken, the United States entered into World War One. Harry was eighteen at the time making the age of enlistment for the military. On September 12th, 1918, just days after his nineteenth birthday, Harry walked down with his father to the local recruiting station, which was just a three-minute walk from their apartment, and registered for the draft. 

Harry Klionsky World War One Draft Card

It is unclear if Harry was called up to serve in World War One but he can be found in records beyond the end of the war. Harry can first be found in a record from October 22nd, 1922 when he married Adeline Schwartz in Manhattan. During their marriage, they would have two boys together, Jesse Heshel (1924-2003) and Herbert (1926-2006). 

Not much is known about the circumstances of Harry’s death other than he was declared dead on November 5th, 1927 and that he was kicked by a horse. His death at just twenty-eight years old left his wife Adeline to raise their two and four-year-old boys by herself. 


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